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Vibration technology is the ticket for people who struggle with traditional workouts or have physical limitations that are keeping them from their peak potential. Two 10 Minute Sessions is all it takes.  Stand comfortably on our state of the art, Oscillating Vibration Machine and be amazed how your muscles are gently utilized and the blood circulation begins to flow.

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whole-body vibration Is a passive and highly-effective form of exercise

You just stand, sit or lie on our machines that have an oscillating, vibrating platform.

Studies Show…

Vibration therapy improves physical performance and reduces the negative effects of aging on bone, muscles and tendons.

Did You Know?

10 Minutes a Day Several Times a Week is All it Takes

10 minutes a day of whole-body vibration several times a week may help with weight loss, muscle toning, burning fat, improving flexibility, enhancing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, reducing muscle soreness after exercise, building strength and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol

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Vibration has Reduced Pain in 70% of Patients with Acute and Chronic Pain

Passive vibration has reduced pain in 70% of patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and passive 80 Hz vibration has been shown to reduce pain caused by muscle pressure.* 

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Whole Body Vibration Treatment Increases Bone Mineral Density

After 6-month Whole Body Vibration treatment, bone mineral density (BMD) in the lumbar spine and femoral neck increased significantly by 2.52% and 3.22% for senior people, and 1.63% and 2.05% for adults, respectively.*

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